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Snuuzu | Your bed, anywhere

The comfort of a hotel mattress, packed into a small duffel bag

Snuuzu | Your bed, anywhere

Limited stock. Pre-orders reopening soon.

Snuuzu | Your bed, anywhere

Limited stock. Pre-orders reopening soon.

Snuuzu | Your bed, anywhere

Limited stock. Pre-orders reopening soon.

Designed for comfort

We believe comfort and adventure should co-exist.

With our multi-layer system we achieved hotel-like comfort. Our organic top, foam and surface flattening layer make sleeping in a Tesla an experience like never before.

Surface-flattening technology (patent-pending)

Nobody wants to sleep in an angle, right?

When the back seats are folded down, the surface you sleep on is inconsistent, which is bad for sleep and leads to too many mornings with back pain.

So we invented a (patent pending) surface-flattening layer that straightens it out for you.

Fits into the sub-trunk

Ever seen a luxurious double bed disappear in a duffle bag? When packed up, the double bed is small enough to fit into the sub-trunk of your Tesla Model Y and Model 3.

Adjustable firmness

Adjust the firmness of the mattress with the push of a button. After all, we all have our personal preferences.

We integrated a button to release a little air from the pressurised layer, resulting in a softer feel.

Space for two

Made to fit both you and your travel companion 204x130 cm / 6'7"x4'3".

Engineered to remain stiff and in form, even if you lean on the top part.

Product explained

It all started in 2013

As dedicated travel and Tesla enthusiasts, we were among the first 250 people in Europe to receive the Model S on our doorstep in 2013.

After thoroughly testing its capabilities by traveling around Europe and sleeping in the car at the most majestic spots, we experienced a true sense of adventure and freedom.

We realised road trips missed something...

At the time, we had been creative with sleeping in the car, but none of the existing solutions satisfied our desire for a comfortable sleeping experience.

Air mattresses were often made from subpar materials, far from the hotel-like comfort we wanted. Other solutions were bulky and took up the entire storage space. Additionally, none of the solutions addressed the inconsistencies of the floor, resulting in back pain.

We thought to ourselves "Why not create the solution?"

The absence of a solution led to some back pain, but mostly to a journey of engineering a completely new product.

Now, after three years, countless late nights, and endless prototypes and redesigns, the result is something we are truly excited about.

Even with over 35 years of product engineering experience, we have taken our time to optimize this gadget into something we feel is ready for everyone to go on an adventure with.

We proudly present to you Snuuzu

Our aim has been to create a product we ourselves would love to use, so we hope you do too.

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What our first users say

"Incredible quality and comfort! The mattress certainly exceeded my expectations. It's easy to set up and feels like a premium hotel bed. Highly recommend!"

Jonatan G. - Tesla Model Y Owner

"I was skeptical about a car mattress at first, but this product blew me away. Great sleeping comfort. Awesome for anyone who loves to travel by car."

Pieter B. - Tesla Model 3 Owner

"I like that it is so quick and simple to set it up. It would be perfect for a quick powernap at the SuperCharger"

Michiel S. - Tesla Model 3 Owner

"Incredible how you managed to fit an entire double bed into that duffel bag. Outstanding work guys!"

Stephan K. - Tesla Model 3 Owner

"I am surprised you managed to get rid of the obnoxious inconsistancies of the floor. This is a great solution."

Chris M. - Tesla Model Y Owner

Meet the founders

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