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Snuuzu Tesla Model 3 | Tesla-tailored car mattress

Sale price€899,00

Transform your Tesla Model 3 into a comfortable bedroom on wheels with the Snuuzu Mattress. Designed for ultimate comfort and convenience, the Snuuzu mattress ensures a flat, luxurious sleeping surface that fits perfectly within your car's interior.

Experience hotel-like comfort on the go, tailored specifically for the Tesla Model 3. Enjoy a perfect night's sleep wherever you are with this innovative and luxurious car bed solution.

Disclaimer: Our first production batch is limited. Pre-order to be among the first to receive the Snuuzu Mattress.  Expected delivery in December 2024!

What our users say

First reactions of Testers

"Wonderful meeting you guys in Laxå and trying out the Snuuzu bed.

As I told you there: I was hoping I wouldn’t like it, as I already have a camping mattress for my Model Y.

But oh my… you’ve done something absolutely fantastic! Even a heavy side sleeper like won’t hurt my hip on a Snuuzu!! Your solution with the folding and the bag, the pump and the adjustment of the mattress. I’m stunned. So here I am and I look forward to changing my current mattress for the Snuuzu instead!"

- Linnea from Sweden