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Snuuzu pillows (2x)

Sale price€99,00

A custom-made car mattress deserves premium pillows, which is why we've designed exactly that. Our pillows are made from the same soft, organic, and sustainable Lyocell material as the mattress.

  • Combination of high-density memory foam and Lyocell material: Provides exceptional support and comfort.
  • Organic, breathable, and washable cover: Ensures hygiene and easy maintenance.
  • Sustainable sourcing: Made from wood pulp typically derived from sustainably managed eucalyptus, beech, or spruce trees.
  • Softness and comfort: Known for its smooth, soft texture, offering a luxurious feel.
  • Breathability: Excellent moisture-wicking properties keep you cool and comfortable.

What our users say

First reactions of Testers

"Wonderful meeting you guys in Laxå and trying out the Snuuzu bed.

As I told you there: I was hoping I wouldn’t like it, as I already have a camping mattress for my Model Y.

But oh my… you’ve done something absolutely fantastic! Even a heavy side sleeper like won’t hurt my hip on a Snuuzu!! Your solution with the folding and the bag, the pump and the adjustment of the mattress. I’m stunned. So here I am and I look forward to changing my current mattress for the Snuuzu instead!"

- Linnea from Sweden